Reliable and honest lawn mower repair is now available in Silver Spring, MD. Commercial Mower Depot considers itself one of the best lawn equipment repair shops in all of Montgomery County. Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose a wide range of problems for fast and reliable repair. In addition to lawn mower service and repair, we also fix: Kohler & Kawasaki engines, generators, pressure washers and a variety of other lawn and garden equipment. If your equipment just needs a tune-up, we can do that too. Our popular service specials will get your equipment ready for use in no time and without breaking the bank. Give us a shot and we guarantee you’ll never look for another mower repair shop again.

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Common Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your lawn equipment in top working condition while extending it's lifespan with the help of Commercial Mower Depot's service work.

Oil & Filter Change. You change the oil and filter on your car regularly and your lawn mower should be no different. Fresh oil goes a long way in protecting your mower’s engine. Old or contaminated oil can score the cylinder walls causing poor compression and eventually failure. Depending on use, we recommend to change your lawn mower’s engine oil and filter at least twice a year.

Blade Sharpening. Over time your lawn mower’s blades become dull and ineffective. Our blade sharpening service is a cheap, fast and an easy fix to restore the clean cut your after. How do you tell if your lawn mower blades are dull? Dull mower blades will actually rip and shred your grass versus making a clean, smooth cut. Take one pass with your mower and then check your grass. If the top of the grass blades are frayed or mangled then you know it’s time to get that blade sharpened.

Snow Thrower Repair & Service. DC Winters can be unpredictable but our snow thrower repair service ensures your machine is ready to handle whatever mother nature has in store. It is recommended to get your snow blower serviced prior to December when the first chance of snow fall sets in. Our complete service will check over your engine, filter and throttle control among other things.

Complete Mower Service. Our complete lawn mower service will ensure your machine is ready for the long cutting season. Our full service includes oil and filter change, new air filter, new spark plug, and blade sharpening. We recommend the complete service to be performed in early Spring before the cutting season gets underway. The full service protects your engine while ensuring full power and clean cuts at a time when your grass is growing the most.

Pull Starter Repair. It happens all the time, you pull the starter cord to fire up your equipment and the rope ends up snapping. No need to worry as  this common problem is an easy fix. Whether you have a lawn mower, trimmer or blower, replacing the starter rope can be handled by our qualified technicians.